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Re: mutt header display question

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 09:42:17AM -0700, Paul Mackinney wrote:
| I've been trying to write a mailfilter rule, nothing worked. Finally I
| noticed that while mutt displays the From header as
|   AmikaGuardian Server <abuse@speakeasy.net>
| This showed the same whether with the full headers toggled on or off.
| Just a minute ago, when I just catted a sample msg file in the shell it
| showed as
|   AmikaGuardian (TM) Server <abuse@speakeasy.net>
| So now I understand why my filter wasn't working. Can someone explain to
| me why mutt's display omitted the parenthesized bit?

It's supposed to.  RFCs 822 and 2822.  The parenthesis (unless
properly quoted) indicate a comment, which renderers and the like will
ignore just like a compiler or interpreter ignores comments in source

If you want to see the raw encoding in mutt, press 'e' to edit the raw
message in $EDITOR.


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