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Re: Using rexec command

"Victory" <victorytran@hotmail.com> writes:

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> Anyone know how to set the flag for the "exec" entry in
> "/etc/inetd.conf" file so that it allow me to run " rexec -l root -p
> passwd hostname uname -a" from the remote workstation without adding
> remote workstation in to server /etc/hosts and without using
> /etc/resolv.conf file ?.

You almost certainly don't want to use the rsh/rexec family of
commands; ssh can do the same things, and is much more resistant to
network sniffing.  I'd create a DSA keypair, add the public key to
root's authorized_keys file on the remote host, and then do
'ssh root@remotehost uname -a'.  Unless you're doing something more
involved than this, and really do have a clue about what you're doing,
you should absolutely have a password on your private key, though you
might find it convenient to use ssh-agent to save the key in memory.

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