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problems with terminal emulation and procmail configuration


I started studieng at the university this year and now i have problems interacting with the student server with my linux computers at home.

The server is an hppa server running hpux 11.0

The first thing is related to the terminal emulation I think:
if i try to connect to the server via ssh i have the problem that i cannot use some keys:
in bash POS1, End and DEL do not work
in vim del, POS1 and end are working but not backspace
in mutt (editing new mail) Pos1, End, DEL and backspace are not working
(PgUP and down are not working anywhere but that does not matter to me...)
(besides which i have to use xterm as terminal because with rxvt it complains about not knowing at login and some apps like vim or mutt do not start correctly...)
Is there anything I can do against it on the client side?

The other problem does not really linux connected but i ask it here anyway because it is just the procmail configuration on the server but i asume that there are people on this list that do know procmail ;).

I'm tunneling all my mail through the server because it gives me better control for the filtering (the swen mails are cought by the virus scanner and there is a it seems well trained spamassasin which catches about 99% of the spam....) and there is more mailspace availible...

I want to send all windows executables and .bat scripts to /dev/null and thought that should work, but it doesnt:

* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES$

* ^Content-Type:.*\.exe.*
* ^Content-Type:.*\.bat.*

* ^Content-Type:.*
       * ^.*name=\".*\.exe\".*

can anybody help me with this problems?

thx in advance


Albert Dengg <a_d@gmx.at>

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