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Re: Scrolling Apps = High CPU Utilization

"M. Kirchhoff" <spam@0ubliette.org> writes:

> First, let me describe the problem: When using the wheel on my
> logitech wheel mouse (PS/2, ImPS) to scroll up and down in various
> apps (Mozilla, AbiWord), I see very high CPU activity as reported by
> "top".
> nVidia GeForce2 MX 200, 64MB vRAM
> Debian Woody, stock bf2.4 kernel, stock "nv" video drivers, *no*
> kernel patches
> Any ideas why CPU util. is shooting so high? Is that normal? I
> understand that I'm just using the generic stock "nv" drivers for my
> video card, but would using the proprietary nVidia drivers make much
> difference for simple 2D use? Would recompiling my kernel to better
> suit my platform make a significant difference?

My guess is that you wind up doing the scrolling operation all in
software with the nv driver, which is why you get that much CPU
usage.  I'd guess that switching to the (non-free) NVidia driver would
in fact help you get around this problem.  There's not much you could
change in the kernel configuration to improve it, I don't think.

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