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Unidentified subject!

Subject: Firewall security

Message-Id: <E1A9lqc-0003I1-00@gaul.cornfield.org.uk>
From: simonw@cornfield.org.uk
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:37:54 +0100


I have iinsatlled Debian many times in the past, but each time was for a server
behind a firewall.

I now have to build a new server that will sit on the web directly, and move an
existing server onto the web.

Both servers will run Woody.

Is there a document, or reference, somewhere that explains how to secure Debian
servers . These servers will need to provide ssh, http, mail, ftp(?). I was thinking
along the lines of iptables, but I have never configured this before. Will I have to
upgrade to teh 2.4 kernel?

Many thanx


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