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Re: How does Debian cope with overworked mantainers ?

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On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 12:29:56PM +0200, Bob Alexander wrote:
> Do not want to start a flame. My gratitude towards the Debian mantainers is
> enormous but from times to times you stumble on that particular package you
> really need, that is broken, on which bug reports are filed months ago, no
> feedback given and when you try to add some more information either get no
> feedback or get some nervous reply often stating the problem is upstream (in
> last case I checked and it seems to be not true). As a proof this is not a
> personal argument no names or hints made here ! 8->>

The devel should be contacting upstream, then...this is a pet peeve of

> When all of the above is true is there a way what is the way of the Debian
> project to handle these cases (i.e. finding a new mantainer without consent
> of the current) ??

This was discussed in this week's Debian Weekly News.  Had you been
subscribed to debian-news@lists.debian.org, you would have received it
in your email.


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