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Re: CD writer

--- "M. Kirchhoff" <spam@0ubliette.org> wrote:
> Quoting Sidney Brooks <sidneybrooks@yahoo.com>:
> > I found a good instruction article on the
> internet. 
> Care to share the location? I'm sure others could
> benefit! thanks much
> --M.

The guide for installing Debian that I used was:
It tells which options to choose during the

The guide for installing a kernel was:
Custom Kernel Compiling in Debian 2.2
by Jeepsta

Although Alvin Oga pointed me in the right direction,
I have still not been successful in modifying my
kernel to allow CD writing. The hang-up seems to be
the instruction to remove "native ATAPI support".
There are a number of references to ide in the
configuration menu and I must not have removed all of

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