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Re: Pretty hard copies of info, man pages.


Antonio Rodr <arodriguez31@cfl.rr.com> writes:

> Could someone provide some example of the sequence to get some nice
> (dvi, ps, html, whatever) file of the info pages? I've been trying to
> follow the instructions given to use makeinfo, texinfo and friends, but
> there must be some missunderstanding somewhere on my side. Supposedly,
> the same info source files are used to generate either output, but no
> for me.

You do not need the "info" pages, but the original "texinfo" source from
which they were created. They are included in the source package, not in
the distributed debian package.

Let's asume that you want the documentation for a2ps. 

1.- Get the source package

$ apt-get source a2ps
[no need to be root]

2.- go do the documentation directory

$ cd a2ps-4.13b+cvs.2003.09.20/doc
[This version is for sid, stable has a diferent version, but it should
work the same]

here you will find the source:

$ ls *.texi
a2ps.texi      prologue.texi  sheets.texi       version.texi
encoding.texi  regex.texi     translators.texi

[The location of the .texi files can vary among different
packages. Search for them in the uncompressed source]

3.- create documentation as necessary:

The main file can be guessed to be "a2ps.texi"

$ texi2dvi a2ps
$ dvips a2ps

will create a2ps.ps

$ makeinfo a2ps

will create the .info pages

$ makeinfo --html a2ps

should create html pages. [But the current version seems to contain some
errors, and does not work properly in my machine]


$ man texi2dvi
$ man makeinfo


$ info texinfo

for further information.

Hope this helps,


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