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Re: Pretty hard copies of info, man pages.

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 05:56:01 -0400, Antonio Rodr wrote:
> Could someone provide some example of the sequence to get some nice
> (dvi, ps, html, whatever) file of the info pages?

There's an info2www CGI script to convert to HTML. For DVI and PS, info is
not the appropriate format to start from.

.info is an output format optimised for text terminals. To get pretty
hardcopies, the right place to start is the texinfo sources (.texi files)
from which the .info files were generated. Those are typically found in the
Debian source package, and you may need to configure the source package to
some degree before you can generate DVI or PS from them.

> Supposedly, the same info source files are used to generate either output,
> but no for me.

The same _TeXinfo_ source files (.texi, not .info) can be used to generate
both .info files and .dvi or .ps files.

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