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Re: International Characters

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 23:58, Tom wrote:
> As you might have read in another of my posts, I've got a pretty 
> "beautiful" font-environment going.  However, I'm completely stuck with 
> American characters -- everybody's accent-e, umlaut-u, and of course 
> chinese just shows up as ? in Mutt in gnome-terminal, and Mozilla the 
> slightest unusual character shows up as a character-code-picture.
> During locales setup I generate en_US ISO-8859-1 and en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8, 
> and set my default to "en_US".
> I'm a dumb american so I haven't done anything else special.  I want to 
> be able to see western european characters; I can't read chinese or 
> hebrew but it would be nice to at least see it.  Is there anything 
> obvious and simple I can do to "turn on" such features?

I'm not sure how much of an effect your current locale will have on
things like Mozilla, but here's my experiences (keep in mind my default
locale is en_US.UTF-8) (also, I generally use Galeon, but since it's the
same back end, I'd imagine there would be few differences):

1) Most GUI applications, such as Galeon, will properly display all UTF
characters. The problem comes in the fact that a lot of font sets do not
have full UTF characters. This would be why you get the odd character
codes most of the time.

2) For setting up mutt, I'll tell you the good news and the bad news.
The good news is that UTF support in mutt is almost perfect. The bad
news is that it's ALMOST perfect. :)

For starters, you'll want to put "set charset=utf-8" in your .muttrc.
After this, make sure that gnome-terminal is using UTF-8. (Terminal ->
Character Coding) Start up mutt, and everything should be almost ok.
(There's that almost bit again. :) ) Sometimes the "graphics" for
showing replies, etc, can get messed up. And a few characters don't
always display perfectly. But for the most part, it works fine.

I communicate frequently in both Cyrillic and accented Latin characters
and generally don't have any problems. Every once in a while, mutt seems
to confuse a letter here and there, but it's generally ok.
Unfortunately, some of the graphical glitches have annoyed me to the
point that I've stopped using mutt for anything but plain-old English
and disabled the utf support. But that's just me. :)
Alex Malinovich
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