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Random Lockups w/ caps lock, scroll lock

I've started to experience "random" lockups with my debian system.  It seems to be similar to this problem in Suse:


I tried that barrier=none remedy, and on reboot, the drive didn't mount, with an "unknown option" error.

So what's happening to my machine is after a while - I've seen it anywhere from 5 minutes to a few days - it locks up *hard*, and for some reason the Caps lock and Scroll Lock lights on the keyboard turn on. No X, no sshd, nothing, so I can't get in from another box to see what's going on.  I haven't seen anything in the syslog either.  I had a slightly older debian system on here a while back that I had to wipe that was rock solid, so it must be a config problem somewhere.  Any ideas?



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