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Re: Driver Download and Installation ATI Proprietary Linux Driver 3.2.8 Download--for those interested

Rob Sims wrote:
On Thursday 09 October 2003 07:16 pm, Haralambos Geortgilakis wrote:

KDE works when I use the "radeon" driver, but I get no DRI.

Where do I go from here? I didn't find a user forum for the ATI drivers, just a no-response bug reporting link.

Hmm... well I'm glad you were fortunate enough to get the kernel module working on a 2.6 kernel (aren't the ATI prop. modules designed for 2.2.x and specifically 2.4.x... atleast the Release Notes a.k.a Readme says that). Good backward compatibility in 2.6 it *seems*.

You mentioned that KDM refuses to start. Maybe the next step is to try starting a minimal windowmanager like blackbox/fluxbox/twm/take-your-pick and see what the XFree logs say. That might be a step towards better seeing if the problem is universal...

Harshwardhan Nagaonkar
Electrical Engineering Sysop
Brigham Young University, UT-84602

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