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Re: burning from .ogg

Antony Gelberg had the gall to say:
> Hi all,
> Anyone know of an easy way to burn an audio CD from .ogg files, i.e.
> without converting them to .wav first.  I'm not fussed about a GUI,
> infact I'd rather not have one.

Here's something I posted to d-u a while back:

Fwd: -------

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself having to drive from the south of 
the UK to the north.  Having just moved house, my CD collection was 
still in moving boxes.

Luckily, I'd ogg'd them all up as I bought them so I could easily burn 
the half-dozen or so albums that I wanted for the trip.

Getting bored of doing each album by hand, I wrote the following script 
that might just be useful to someone in the same position.  Small, but I 
find it does the job.  It burns all the ogg files it finds in the 
working directory to the default CDR drive.  Don't try it on a huge 
directory of tagged ogg's, as it'll just think you know what you're 
doing and happily burn >700MB to the CD.

 cd ~/music/band_name/album_name/
 <insert cd>
 <remove cd>


 o /etc/default/cdrecord must be set up correctly.  If not, add the 
   appropriate options to the script.  You might need to add them in two 
   different places.

 o Output is screwy, as it's not filtered/parsed/anything.

 o From when you type "ogg2cd" to realising that you're in the wrong 
   directory, you have 2 seconds to ^C out.  Press it multiple times.

for FILE in *.ogg
    ogg123 -d au -f - "$FILE" | cdrecord gracetime=2 -audio -pad -nofix -
cdrecord gracetime=2 -fix

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