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Re: return of DNS problem-pppd daemon

Hi, I did not compile the kernel. as I said the bf2.4 kernel was working 
. I have an athlon cpu and thought I was running with the k7 kernel 
because that's what I selected during installation. I had been booting 
with a floppy though so when i got grub working correctly I began using 
the k7 kernel and then saw a return of a problem (pppd/dns) that I had 
earlier. At the time Pigeon helped me with getting the problem solved.     
PPP must be enabled because of the plog results..no?

Quoting ajlewis2@intac.com:

> In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> > Hi, After getting grub to work and booting with the k7 kernel rather
> > than the bf2.4 the DNS problem returned..or that's what I think I'm
> > seeing-basically a conection that doesn't work. So I ran plog, I got an
> > exit status 1; I put exit 0 in the 6 scripts in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d 
> >  
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: not replacing existing default route
> > to tap0 [] 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: Cannot determine ethernet address for
> > proxy ARP 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: local  IP address 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: remote IP address 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: primary   DNS address 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: secondary DNS address 
> > Oct 13 12:34:57 deblnx pppd[1328]: Script /etc/ppp/ip-up started (pid
> 1369) 
> > Oct 13 12:34:58 deblnx pppd[1328]: Script /etc/ppp/ip-up finished (pid
> > 1369), status = 0x0 
> > deblnx:/home/john# 
> Is this a kernel that you compiled?  If so, did you use the config file
> that
> came with the original kernel from /boot?  Does it have PPP enabled?
> Anita
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