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Re: Creating a new machine with the same set of packages as an existing one?

On Sun, 12 Oct 2003, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

> stan wrote:
> > How cna I do this?
> >
> > The machine I want to match is a "testting" machine, that I quit updating
> > about a month agao. Still has Gnome 1.4 for instance.
> >
> > Will this ne a problem?
> >
> On source machine:
> dpkg --get-selections >selections.txt
> On destination machine:
> (make sure sources.list is the same)
> apt-get update
> dpkg --set-selections <selections.txt
> apt-get upgrade
> -Roberto
Hi Debianista,
I was looking at various posts about recreating a debian install from the
'get selections'. But suppose you want to also use the same /etc for the
packacges. (eg apache setup, sendmail config,...). Would you just make the
base system, use 'set selection', update and them bulk copy over the
current /etc dir?

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