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BIOS corrupted by Woody CD2

I've been having problems attempting to install 'Woody' on my pc by booting from CD2 to install the 'plain vanilla' flavour. 
The installation hung approx 30s after the boot prompt.  No disc access, etc. 
Eventually, I attempted a restart.  The BIOS appears to have been corrupted,
my pc wouldn't boot anymore.
So I bought a new BIOS EEPROM (pre-programmed).
Then did an installation from CD1 without similar problems.
My motherboard is an EPOX board, model EP-8RDA+.
Could the installation have performed some hardware probing that overwrote the BIOS?
Is this a feature of the 8RDA+ motherboard?
(I wonder whether there is usually a write lock sequence in BIOS writing programs?)
Has anyone had a similar experience installing Woody?
Or advice as to how I could have prevented this happening?
Any advice is appreciated.

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