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Re: windows NT

* Paul Johnson (baloo@ursine.ca) [031011 02:15]:
> On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 09:23:30AM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> > > HAHAHHA!  What even makes you think that?  Debian is an OS.  It
> > > doesn't run on other OS's, it *is* one.  Did you even read the web
> > > page (http://debian.org/) to avoid looking like an idiot up front, or
> > > did you need to prove it to the world?
> > 
> > Damn, you're hostile today. Was there a need for that?
> No more hostile than usual.  I'm very consistantly hostile to gross
> stupidity.  The world doesn't need more morons.

The OP demonstrated ignorance.  That and an inkling of an interest in
debian.  Someone may have told him that debian would run well on his
computer, or he may have stumbled upon the web site, not understanding
exactly what an operating system is.  Remember, there are many people
who have never used a computer without a microsoft OS on it.  There are
many reasons he could have come asking for help.  Instead, of help, you
dished out abuse.

If you're not interested in answering questions on the list, then STFU.
This post of yours certainly did more harm than good.  What's your

Please see the advocacy howto and the output of "dict troll".

good times,

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>  .''`.     Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca>
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> `. `'`     proud Debian admin and user
>   `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fix a system

proud? more like arrogant.
"If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not
believe in it at all."  --Noam Chomsky

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