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Re: HOWTO enter Ctrl-S to BASH from console

%% Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> writes:

  oa> Thanks.  Is there any occasion where disabling these makes life
  oa> easier?

Well, it makes life easier if you want to use TTY applications that use
those keys for something else... like bash.

If course, alternatively you can always rebind the functions that ^Q and
^S would normally invoke to some other keys in bash.  That's very easy
to do--once you choose the keys.

  >> If that solves your problem, put that command in your .bash_profile or
  >> .bashrc or whatever.

  oa> Unfortunately not.  It seems ^S does not work as I reported to BTS
  oa> Bug#215377.

Hm.  After reviewing your bug report I'll ask the dumb question: are you
sure you actually had some history to forward-isearch on?  Your bug
report sounds to me like exactly what would happen if there were no
entries forward of your current one in the history that matched what you
were typing.

Remember that in the shell your "current" entry is always at the _end_
of the list, so ^S only makes sense when you have already gone backwards
(either with ^P or even all the way to the beginning with M-<).

Under normal circumstances in bash you typically use ^R
(reverse-isearch) since you're usually at the end of the history.

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