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Re: What is the difference between `Sid' and `unstable' ?

begin Jerome BENOIT quote from Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 11:38:37AM +0300
> Thank for the reply.
> >
> >Apt only knows what it is told about distributions/sources through their 
> > Release file.  My Release file for unstable/main has:
> >Archive: unstable
> >Component: main
> >Origin: Debian
> >Label: Debian
> >Architecture: i386
> >
> >so those are the only distinguishing factors that I can use to 
> >differentiate that source.  You can see what all your Release files say 
> >by looking through the files /var/lib/apt/lists/*Release .
> Is there any kind od oddity here as
> stable/testing/unstable are rather temporary synomynous ?

I vaguely remember apt ignoring one or the other nameing style, there's
probably a bug about it if the problem still exists.

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