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Re: What is the difference between `Sid' and `unstable' ?

Jerome BENOIT wrote:
Thanks for the reply.

Ok, forget the capital `S' (I do use `sid' in my data file)

Paul Johnson wrote:

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On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 12:42:23PM +0300, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Note that my `/etc/apt/sources.list' data file
reaches both `Sid' and `unstable'.

So what is the difference between `Sid' and `unstable' ?

Sid doesn't exist, sid and unstable do.  sid and unstable different
names for the same thing.

I know that,
how explain the above trouble.

Apt only knows what it is told about distributions/sources through their Release file. My Release file for unstable/main has:
Archive: unstable
Component: main
Origin: Debian
Label: Debian
Architecture: i386

so those are the only distinguishing factors that I can use to differentiate that source. You can see what all your Release files say by looking through the files /var/lib/apt/lists/*Release .

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