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Re: What is the difference between `Sid' and `unstable' ?

begin Jerome BENOIT quote from Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 12:42:23PM +0300
> Hello List,
> I have just tried to install vim-gnome (sid):
> for that you neede  vim 1:6.2 (unstable)
> My point is: if in my `/etc/apt/preference/' file
> I ask to fetch the `vim' package from `Sid',
> I do not get it with `dselect',
> but if I ask to fetch the `vim' package from `unstable',
> I get it !

Note that dselect doesn't know about the pinning you're using, it just
happens to work because dselect calls apt, and apt uses the pin to
decide which version to get.

Aptitude will show you all available versions of a package, and then let
you decide which one to install.

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