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Re: burning from .ogg

Antony Gelberg wrote:
Hi all,

Anyone know of an easy way to burn an audio CD from .ogg files, i.e.
without converting them to .wav first.  I'm not fussed about a GUI,
infact I'd rather not have one.


sox is a great tool for converting audio formats (it will do ogg, wav,
mp3, au, and a few others).  Just 'apt-get install sox' get it.

To convert files:

[.cdr is the raw cd audio format, or something like that]
sox file1.ogg file1.cdr
sox file2.ogg file2.cdr
sudo cdrecord dev=<device> speed=<speed> -v -eject -audio -pad file1.cdr file2.cdr

That's how I burn my audio CDs.


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