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Re: Help - kernel 2.4.22 hangs

Jerome R. Acks wrote:


In your kernel config you probably also should have:
CONFIG_X86_UP_IOAPIC is not set

I was unsuccessful getting a 2.4.22 kernel to work properly and ended up using
2.4.20. After installing nVidia's nvgart patch, ethernet driver and
sound driver a number of problems with the nForce2 chipset got
usb is still a problem. I've been able to get a Sony clie to sync, but
intermittantly. Half the time usb doesn't register the device when
I try to hot sync. Plugging a webcam gets me log message that show the
webcam is noticed, but I don't get a useable device.


Check out my kernel config:


I had the same exact problem you had with USB.  I would get log messages
but the devices would remain inaccessible.  In my case, it was a USB
mouse and a Smartmedia card reader.

Pay particular attention to the section on SCSI support.  I found that
some things I thought were unnecessary (like SCSI generic) actually
were necessary.

As far as kernel 2.4.22, I haven't found any real problem to get it
functioning.  I used the Debian kernel-source package and everything
Just Works (tm), with the exception of the onboard nForce ethernet.
The nVidia AGPGART support is in the 2.4.22 kernel, as is the nForce2
OSS drivers, so the only problem is ethernet, which still works.  What
I did was make, and then instead of make install, I just copied nvnet.o
into /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/net/ and then ran a depmod -a



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