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Re: get rid of unstable and testing packages

Malte Negendank wrote:
Hi all,

I have, after unsuccessfully downgrading my system, just reinstalled my
system, using apt-pinning. This, however, turned out to be less brilliant
as it sounded at first, it just gave me loads of dependeny problems with
some packages.

I tried it too once, with xserver-xfree86. The library dependancies un-installed all of my non-pinned development tools. :(

So I decided to move to stable, using backports (having found out that the
things I needed testing and unstable for exists as backport - man am I a
slow thinker!). Problem is, the non-stable packages are still there, and
removing them would uninstall most of my system.

Hopedfully someone else shares how to get rid of the testing/unstable packages.

Is there a safe way of removing these packages? Or - alternatively - is
there a way to use apt-pinning without the dependency problems?

Sure, there's a way to use apt-pinning without dependancy problems; only pin small packages that dont depend on newer libraries. Unfortunatly with the version change in gcc between stable and testing/unstable the pickings are probably pretty slim. You could also pin more stuff, but then why not just dist-upgrade if you're going to be fine using the new package and all the new libraries.

The back-port route you've discovered is likely the safest way of getting newer software onto your older system. Search on "apt-get.org" is a very common answer on the list when people ask about getting newer packages for stable. You will then be waiting on the third-party packager for security updates instead of the Debian security team.


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