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Re: Illegal Instructions

on Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 11:52:48AM -0500, Doug MacFarlane (madmac@orbent.com) wrote:
> Team:
> I'm at a loss about what is causing these, or how to fix it . . 
> It's a Debian Sparc Stable system, Sparc 20 with 256 mb of RAM.
> ranum:/home/madmac# ps
> Signal 4 caught by ps (procps version 2.0.7).
> Please send bug reports to <acahalan@cs.uml.edu>
> ranum:/home/madmac# ps -elf
> Illegal instruction
> ranum:/home/madmac# ps 
> Illegal instruction
> ranum:/home/madmac# 
> This all started when I was about 1/2 way through a dist-upgrade, when
> dpkg started spitting out errors with "Illegal Instructions" during
> install or conf stages.

Looks like a half-installed lib.

> apt-get update completes fine, but running apt-get dist-upgrade to
> complete the uncompleted installs produces:


   dpkg --configure --pending
   dpkg --configure -a

If these fail....


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