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Re: reverting to ext2 (Was: Re: How to kill X?)

"Monique Y. Herman" <spam@bounceswoosh.org> said on Fri, 10 Oct 2003 01:39:18 -0600:
> There was a link to an article on slashdot today comparing various
> journaling FSes.  Apparently (I just read the comments, not the actual
> article, like the typical /. reader), ext3 is pretty much el crapola
> compared to the rest of them when it comes to performance.  

You might want to have read all of the replies to these comments then :)

Not a case of ext3 being crap, a case of ext3 with journalled *data*
being crap. Quite a nice allrounder with the other two ext3 options
set. And you get the same problems with all other fses when their
equivalent of journalled *data* was turned on (if they had such a

I have been using ext3 just fine on all of my drives since.... 2 years
ago? One even has many bad sectors, and is not repairable by
reformatting, but it's only a disk in a 486 that is never used :)

The comment made earlier about bad sectors when power is turned off is
a comments that can be made about any fs, not just ext3, and is a
function of what drive you are using. It affects the IBM DTLA drives,
because the motor slows down, but doesn't cut off the write head when
power is cut, so the sector gets corrupted, and the drive is not smart
enough to repair this upon power being reapplied, even if you try to
write to that sector again without reading it first. Moral of that
story: Stay away from IBM drives in general, given their incompetance
in other matters (think, IBM DeathStar, etc).

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