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Re: Transfer of files from laptop to desktop

Trey Sizemore wrote:
I have a work laptop running Win2000 that has a large number of files I
would like to transfer to my home Linux desktop.  What would be the
easiest way to do this?  I've considered my USB Zip drive (but it would
take quite a while) and also configuring SAMBA (haven't got it working
yet). The machines are connected by a linksys ethernet 4-port router. I can ping the laptop from the desktop, but can't ping the desktop from
the laptop.

Anyway, any ideas here are greatly appreciated.

The ping does not make too much difference.  If your machine's iptables
rules are configured to drop icmp packets, it won't respond to ping.

As far as moving lots of big files, if you are on a local network behind
a firewall, plain old ftp will be the best/fastest.  Just apt-get
bsd-ftpd or wuftpd, and have at it.


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