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Re: LI Hang, recovery??

On Thu, 09 Oct 2003 at 11:33 GMT, Christof Hurschler penned:
> it just stops with "LI" and goes no further.  I read in the archives
> that this means that Lilo can't completely load.
> .. but what does the "rescue" command do?
> Chris
>> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 08:22:05AM +0200, Christof Hurschler wrote:
>> > I'm getting the LI hang on boot.  I tried booting from my floppy,
>> > but it gives me a kernel panic...  
>> with what message?
>> > I now read that I can boot from floppy with the "rescue
>> > root=/dev/hda1",
>> but
>> > I'm assuming that this is the default mode the floppy boots in
>> > anyways,
>> or
>> > is it?
>> is /dev/hda1 your / partition?
>> if it isn't, if it is /dev/hdb2 or something, then boot from the
>> rescue floopy so : 
>> linux root=/dev/hdb2
>> > If I could get back in with the floppy, I'd try rerunning LILO to
>> > get
>> things
>> > back in order, but I'm afraid I'm not going to get that far.  Any
>> > suggestions?  How can I tell if I've got a real hardware problem?
>> Knoppix?
>> you can boot with the floppy even if you have hw(hdd) problems.  if
>> you cannot boot with root= explicit given, then boot with the
>> installfloppy, wait until he wants to have rootfs disk, give it him,
>> and when the installscreen comes, alt+f2  and you have a shell.
>> HTH
>> charlie

Apologies if you've already addressed these questions and I just don't
remember, but:

* was your machine ever working under linux *before* lilo started doing
  this?  if so, did you change any hardware or software, or did you run
  an update that prompted you to run lilo?  if not, through what means
  did lilo get installed on your system?

* you may find it easier to boot into a full linux install and work on
  fixing your installation from there.  If you have access to a CD
  burner, I strongly recommend burning yourself a Knoppix (knoppix.org)
  CD and booting off of that.

* when you've booted off of <whatever>, take a look at the lilo.conf and
  let us know what it says.  Particularly, double-check that the "boot"
  and "root" entries are correct.  Make sure that the "image" file
  listed under your "default" label is a file that actually exists.

* in any event, it sounds like you're going to need to re-run lilo.  If
  you've booted off of another system, like a floppy or knoppix, you can
  mount your "real" drive somewhere and edit its lilo.conf.  After
  you've done that, you'll want to run
	chroot /new_root /sbin/lilo
  where /new_root is the mount-point of your "real" drive


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