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Re: Installing a kernel off CD-ROM


cr (<cr@orcon.net.nz>) wrote:

> On Mon, 06 Oct 2003 23:20, Andreas Janssen wrote:
>> cr (<cr@orcon.net.nz>) wrote:
>>> Is there any way to install a kernel on the hard drive off the
>>> install
>>> CD-ROMs   (without going through the whole Install process)?
>>> Currently, I have the 2.4.18-k6  kernel installed on my hard drive,
>>> but it doesn't seem to have ppp enabled   (dmesg brings up no
>>> mention of ppp). I'm a little surprised, I would've thought a
>>> kernel I downloaded as a .deb off debian.org would have ppp
>>> enabled, but still...
>>> (did I do something wrong during the install, I wonder?)
>> Check if the ppp support is built as modules. On my system (self
>> compiled kernel with ppp support as modules), the following modules
>> are loaded:
>> [ppp modules]
> No, nothing for ppp (or PPP)
>> A quick search on <http://packages.debian.org> shows that your kernel
>> package has the ppp_async.o module (I didn't check for the other
>> ones).
>> Try this to find out:
>> cat /boot/config-2.4.18-k6 | grep PPP
> Yes....
> alti:/etc/modutils# cat /boot/config-2.4.18-1-k6 | grep PPP
> [kernel seems to have ppp support]
>> On my system, these drivers are loaded automatically. There is a file
>> /etc/modutils/ppp with the following lines:
>> alias /dev/ppp          ppp_generic
>> alias char-major-108    ppp_generic
>> alias tty-ldisc-3       ppp_async
>> alias tty-ldisc-14      ppp_synctty
>> alias ppp-compress-21   bsd_comp
>> alias ppp-compress-24   ppp_deflate
>> alias ppp-compress-26   ppp_deflate
>> Please check your /etc/modutils/ppp file and your /etc/modules.conf
>> to make sure it also has these lines (if not, try to run
>> update-modules).
> Yes:
> [modules.conf is ok]
> What does this mean?   I downloaded the kernel as a .deb from
> debian.org. I installed it (IIRC) with Kpackage or with dpkg.
> I can't recall whether it asked me any questions about what to include
> when I installed it, or not.
> As a check, I just uninstalled my older 2.4.16-k6 kernel (which I
> don't normally use any more) and reinstalled it with
> dpkg -i  /<path>/kernel-image-2.4.16-k6_2.4.16-1_i386.deb
> the only questions it asked me were whether I wanted to use Lilo 
> (no). It gives exactly the same results for the ppp modules as the
> 2.4.18 kernel (above).

The module configuration file is part of the ppp package, not the kernel
image packages.

> Kppp dials my ISP and makes connection as it should - just that it
> isn't communicating with Kmail or browsers.

What does the ppp output or log say? Does pinging ip addresses work (try
ping for www.debian.org)?

> When I boot off the bf2.4 kernel on the floppy, I got no response to
> lsmod | grep ppp   before I tried dialling my ISP, but kppp dialled
> OK and communicated with Kmail successfully and now I get :
> alti:/home/cr# lsmod | grep ppp
> ppp_deflate            38944   0  (autoclean)
> ppp_async               6464   0  (autoclean)
> ppp_generic            18728   0  (autoclean) [ppp_deflate bsd_comp
> ppp_async]
> slhc                    4432   0  (autoclean) [ppp_generic]
> So, I'm a bit puzzled.

The modules are automatically loaded when needed. That is what
/etc/modules.conf is there for. Are they also loaded successfully when
using the other kernel?

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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