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Re: Suggestions for Organization's documents

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 20:28, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> I believe there are WYSIWYG editors for laTeX (or however you capitalize
> it.)  I don't recall their names offhand, though.

LyX is very good, and the QT interface for it is very nice. Ive just done a 
full 30 page report with it and was nothing but happy throughout. It doesn't 
however work on latex files directly, you have to import/export them as LyX 
uses it's own format.

> Some clarification of OpenOffice.  Their fileformat is actually
> compressed XML -- you can open it up in winzip and look at it yourself.
> So, if needed, you could convert it by script to some other format --
> though I wouldn't envy the task.  It also exports as standard MS types.

Its also not really a semantic xml format. It is just a mark up language that 
describes formating rather than what something actually is, which is where 
latex really shines i think.

> OpenOffice provides a word processor, a spreadsheet app, and a slideshow
> app (and probably more stuff I haven't noticed).  It's about 95% on
> importing/exporting to MS formats; the fewer crazy features you use, the
> closer it will be, of course.

Most of the problems are to do with which fonts are installed. If you install 
msttcorefonts then then the documents would look the same as on windows. I 
personally think your better off installing the bitstream fonts on your 
windows machines and using them as they are much nicer on the eyes than 
microsoft ones. Also, i think the presentation app is outstanding. Ive just 
used it for the first time to do a presentation for uni and it really rocks.

> I also have heard that OO.org is working on Reveal Codes for their next
> release -- which, if true, has me drooling.  That's the biggest thing I
> miss about WordPerfect.

No idea what these are so cant comment ;)


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