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RE: Can't get off the ground

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Jason Housewright wrote:

> Thanks Kev. Your help is truly appreciated. I had
> "read" right through that info earlier. It didn't make
> sense though becuase I wasn't getting anything like
> what was described in the doc. It wouldn't have been a
> problem on my main PC. That's ok. I decided to forget
> about doing a net install and simply download whole
> iso's. I have another, probably easier question: I
> certainly don't want to dl all 7 CD's. That was why I
> wanted to do a net install. At this point, I just want
> to get a base system going, then use apt-get to bring
> it up to speed. How many of the images should I dl to
> do this most efficiently. I read in the documentation
> that probably around 3 would suffice. How many would
> y'all suggest? Would two do the trick...one? Thanks
> for the help and direction.
Hi Jason,
I used once bonzai linux:
It a cool way to install woody (or stable) debian and KDE.
only 200mb.

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