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RE: frustration building, please help(was: does debian xfree support my video?)

>===== Original Message From Travis Crump <pretzalz@techhouse.org> =====
>skippi wrote:
>> Thank you in advance for any and all assitance.  Oh, and for those of you 
>> joining in, I'm trying to build, or install, XFree v4.3.  I have the files 
>> build it, also the deb files to install it, but I can't upgrade as the
>> packages are kept back.  I would surmise they require the same dependencies 
>> I need to build it.
>> Adrian
>If you just want XFree 4.3 than check out one of the sources listed at

I already have the deb file, I can't install it until I meet the dependencies.
 I can't do that until the computer figures out the things it wants are 
already installed.


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