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Re: A novice having trouble with X window on install

In linux.debian.user,
Charles Forelle <cforelle@comcast.net> wrote:
>  Hello all,
>  I'm in the midst of my first ever installation of Debian and I'm having
>  trouble with the graphical interface. I've completed the process (installing
>  the bf2.4 flavor with only desktop environment picked in tasksel -- I chose
>  not to run dselect yet). The install complete with a text log-in prompt. I
>  can login OK, both as the normal user I created and as root. But when I
>  reboot, I get a message right after the login prompt appears that says:
>  I cannot start the X server (your graphical interface). It is likely that it
>  is not set up correctly. Would you like to view the X server output to
>  diagnose the problem?
>  My choices: Yes or No.
>  I pick Yes and get a blank gray box. My only choice is EXIT, which I pick.
>  Then it says:
>  Would you like me to try to run the X configuration program? Note that you
>  will need the root password for this.
>  I pick Yes and give the root password. Then I get:
>  I will now try to restart the X server again.
>  I pick OK, and after a second or two pause, I'm back to the original I
>  cannot start the X server... message, whence I end up in an endless loop.
>  Help! I'm totally flummoxed. Does anyone have a sense of what's gone wrong?
First, CTRL+ALT+F2, login as root type 

init 3

when it stops spitting messages out,


answer the questions, save, and use

startx `which twm`

to test. 


Michael C.
mcsuper5@usol.com http://mcsuper5.freeshell.org/
Registered Linux User #303915 http://counter.li.org/

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