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Re: boot loader question

On Sat, 04 Oct 2003 08:30:15 +0200,
Jason Housewright <jhousewright@yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Greetings all.
>  I am looking at possibly moving to Debian; I have a
>  question about the boot loader. I have used grub for
>  quite a while now. What is the default bl for Debian,
>  and if one is preferred over the other, is it
>  difficult to switch? Thanks in advance for any help
>  and/or for directing me to helpful sources.
As of 3.0r1 I believe it was still LILO,  the key thing to remember is
to run lilo after editing /etc/lilo.conf or modifying the partition
table.  Documention is extensive, but if the install doesn't set up
windows, there is a fairly self explanatory example of how to set it up
in the config file.

I haven't gotten a handle on grub, but I've been using lilo for several
years longer than grub has been around.  Debian's lilo.conf contains
more comments than you'll need to tweak it however you want.

I don't recall if grub is available when installing, if not, installing
it after the fact is trivial anyway. 

Michael C.
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