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Mouse no longer working after kernel upgrade

I have a Compaq ProLiant 1600 that was running the stock 3.0r1 kernel
I upgraded it via apt-get to 2.4.21-5-686-smp.

While using 2.2.20-idepci, the mouse worked fine in X (using icewm).

Since upgrading to 2.4.21-5-686-smp, the mouse no longer works.  I have
tried two different PS/2 mice and a serial mouse.

I have ran 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' about 50 times.

I ran 'modconf' and made sure the PS/2 input device module was loaded.

There is no error.  As a matter of fact, the mouse ~pointer~ is there in
the middle of the screen... it just doesn't move.

If I use the LILO menu to boot back into the old kernel, the mouse works

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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