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Re: Installation has not created boot properly

On October 3, 2003 08:37 am, dan oram wrote:
> from the hard disk it gets as far as displaying the following:
> Booting from IDE 0
> LI

The following is from /usr/share/doc/lilo/README.common.problems .  Although 
if you are able to boot from a floppy, it sounds like you may have forgotten 
to run "lilo" after modifying lilo.conf.

Problem:  When I boot, all I get is 'LI'
This means the first-stage loader gained control; it thought it success-
fully loaded the second-stage loader; but it never got there.  This most
often occurs when the second-stage loader, '/boot/boot.b', is not load-
able using the BIOS.

First, have you tried specifying 'lba32' in your 'lilo.conf' file?  On
newer systems, this will almost always work, since the loader will now
use the newer EDD packet calls, which are not cylinder-limited.

Second, do you know your disk geometry?  This means, do you know the
numbers of cylinders/heads/sectors of all your hard drives; and are these
the numbers that LILO is using when it installs the boot loader.  Three
reports of the disk geometry may be obtained:

  1.  Run 'lilo -t -v5' and check the geometry reports for each device.
  2.  Run 'lilo -Tgeom' and see if the same numbers are reported.  (This
      may fail on some systems, where LILO has trouble running BIOS
      calls in v86 mode.)
  3.  Create the diagnostic floppy (see README.disk) and check the
      reported disk geometries.

If any of the geometry reports differ, then you may have to specify the
disk geometry to LILO using 'disk= heads= sectors='.  Use the actual
numbers reported by the BIOS:  #3 above, or #2.

The reports above will also indicate the BIOS device codes used by each
disk.  LILO uses heuristics to obtain these device codes, and usually gets
the codes right on all-IDE or all-SCSI systems.  However, systems with
multiple IDE controllers, mixed IDE/SCSI systems, and SCSI systems on
Future Domain controllers, will require you to tell LILO what disks are
assigned to what device codes.  This can be done using 'disk= bios=' lines
in 'lilo.conf'.

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