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Re: Holy Spam!

On (04/10/03 01:40), David Palmer. wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Oct 2003 12:13:28 -0400 (EDT), Jon Earle said:
> > I sent _one_ post to the debian-users list yesterday.  One.  I neglected
> >  to use an alias I'd created for posting to that list, and, due to their
> >  open posting policy and their email-usenet gateway and the availability of
> >  addresses in the clear within the list archives, within _minutes_, I
> >  started receiving viruses, spam and other crap.  My mail logs since
> >  yesterday show a _ton_ of crap coming at me now!  Unbelievable!
> >  
> >  This open list policy that so many lists have, while it _may_, and I'm
> >  placing a lot of faith and emphasis on the 'may', offer the occasional
> >  newbie or (individual who couldn't be bothered to subscribe multiple
> >  addresses) the ability to post[1], that, coupled with gatewaying to news,
> >  I feel is just plain irresponsible.  It's a _very_ poorly thought out
> >  policy that I feel does more to harm the list community that help
> >  (particularly the list gateway to news).
> >  
> >  I understand their is a passion and an almost a cult-like religion to keep
> >  things completely open, free, unencumbered, unfettered, etc, however,
> >  _controls_, not restrictions, are neccessary to ensure the integrity of
> >  the list environment.  Users don't want spam, and they do want their
> >  service providers to take reasonable, not intrusive, but reasonable
> >  measures to reduce or eliminate their exposure to the spam industry.
> >  
> >  I've been forced to change my email address, thanks to the debian mailing
> >  list.  Is this a positive result of the desire for openness?
> >  
> >  Cheers!
> >  Jon
> >  
> >  [1] Once the message is posted, how does said newbie receive replies if
> >  those helping just reply to the list.  The whole policy makes _no_ sense
> >  whatsoever.
> >  
> You're supposed to subscribe to the list, and that way you get a reply in your
> mail client.
> As far as the spam goes, you're not supposed to avoid it. I've been sitting
> back and watching people on this list hack their way round the situation.
> If you look back over the recent archival history, you will see scripts that
> have been created that have seen some of these people spamless. It has gone a
> long way towards helping configure mailing formats too. If you isolate yourself
> too much from the environment, you become ill suited to survive in it. The
> story of the human race.
> Regards,  
> David.
Rock on ;)

I'm fighting spam and this stuff is "hard", but I've learnt more about email
in the last week or two, than I ever knew in some 20 years of using
computers ;)



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