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Re: Random (?) terminals get killed after booting and logging in with GNOME2

Manuel Bilderbeek wrote:

Since the GNOME 2 stuff got into testing, it seems that I have the following problem: when I boot my Debian testing system and log in (xdm, gnome-session), after a few minutes one of the terminals I launch per default are getting killed. I'm launching 4 terminals (saved with "Save Session") by default. Most of the time the top left one gets killed... Today I ran a program in one of the terminals, just after having started the system and having logged in. After a minute, the terminal I started the program from and the program itself just got silently killed...
I can't find anyting weird in my system logs.

Ah, I forgot: it only happens when I log in just after booting. So, when I log out and log in again, no terminals get killed.

Grtjs, Manuel

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