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Re: xinerama ideas

Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@yahoo.com> writes:

> I have 2 monitors with each keyboard/mouse and I use
> them with Backstreet Ruby to have 2 users use the one
> Debian system.
> But another use is one user with xinerama. Since I
> usually sit 17 inches off the tube, I find looking at
> the other tube, which is 31 inches away, not easy.
> What in the world would I use xinerama for? Not having
> had it, being small-minded, now I can't think of a use
> of it.

Note that you can run dual-head without the XINERAMA extension
enabled; in your case, you'd probably just log in to both heads.  You
can then manually feed programs to one head or the other by setting
the DISPLAY environment variable, for you probably to either :0.0 or

I use this on my machine at home all the time; the right display has
a full-screen instant-messaging client[1], and I do everything else on
the left display.  At work, I also have two screens[2], and actually
write code on the left screen but have email or a Web browser up on
the right screen (for reading documentation).

[1] For Zephyr, which is mostly used at MIT and CMU; there are several
text-mode clients out there, one of which [owl] is even in Debian.

[2] But on different machines; I use x2x to connect the two displays

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