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Re: Recommendations for donated machines

On Thursday 02 October 2003 21:44, Kevin Mark wrote:
> P I/75 32MB 2GB
> (may upgrade memory to 64/96MB)
> (also may try cpu upgrade.)
> Which version of Debian (or possibly Slackware) would work?
> Kernel 2.2 or 2.4, X 4 or 3, Abiword, gnumeric or OO? KDE, Gnome,
> XFCE or ? Or anything that would help get the most out of this setup.

I must admit I used a similarly speced machine for a router. It was so 
convenient to have PCI slots for NICs, that's why I didn't use older 
machines for that. 

Once upon a time (around 1995), my first encounter with Linux was when I 
ran X on a 386 25 MHz. It worked, but it wasn't fun. Times have 
changed, I guess, I wouldn't have run anything heavy on that today, and 
wouldn't have used it on the desktop. 

What I would have done with this hardware if I were to put them on a 
desktop is to run it is a diskless thin client, boot it from network or 
floppy, and connect them to a server. This is obviously only an option 
if you have quite a few of them, and access to some more hefty hardware 
for the server. I haven't done that, but I know many who have... In 
other words, very little would run on these boxes themselves. 


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