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Re: Updating Woody-Prerelease to Woody

Moin, Colin.
> On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 06:32:05AM +0200, Johann Hartwig Hauschild wrote:
> > I've got the following Problem:
> > When Woody was Prereleased, I installed it, and added the Woody-Discs
> > to the sources.list as soon as they were availible (and delivered).
> > Now I quite frequently experience problems when compiling software -
> > building a debian package is virtually impossible.
> What are these problems?
For one thing, dpkg-buildpackage won't work - it won't build the
dependancies. Then I noticed, that the gcc I use apparently is
prerelease, but that I can fix by hand. Trouble is, I don't know
how many packages differ, and I would like them all to be from
the same Release.

> (By the way, your Mail-Followup-To: line is broken; it claims
> hardy@murphy.debian.org. You need to tell mutt your full address.)
Nearly. I need to tell Mutt I subscribed. Done.

Johann Hartwig 'Hardy' Hauschild, Karlsruhe, Germany
Info-Student, Freizeit-Handwerker und Debian-Nutzer

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