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Updating Woody-Prerelease to Woody

I've got the following Problem:
When Woody was Prereleased, I installed it, and added the
Woody-Discs to the sources.list as soon as they were availible
(and delivered). Now I quite frequently experience problems when
compiling software - building a debian package is virtually
impossible. I was able to pinpoint the source of the problem to
differences between the prerelease and Woody 3.0. Now I tried to
run apt-get update, but that does not recognize the prerelease as
a different release - meaning that I am unable do replace all the
prerelease-Stuff with the real packages. Dist-upgrade does not
work either. Is there a way to do this using apt, or am I stuck
with having to start from scratch?

Johann Hartwig 'Hardy' Hauschild, Karlsruhe, Germany
Info-Student, Freizeit-Handwerker und Debian-Nutzer

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