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Re: Hardware Compatability


IIRC VirtualPC emulates a PCI video card, namely some old S3 Trio64. But
I am not sure about this, I have only used VirtualPC once on my

On topic: Debian will probably not run either. Apparantly, neither
Mandrake nor Redhat are compatible to the VirtualPC-emulated hardware. I
have however never had trouble installing Linux in a VMWare virtual
machine - you may wanna give that a shot.


On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 05:00, Kent West wrote:
> risc0316@students.rowan.edu wrote:
> >To whom this may concern,
> >    I tried to install Mandrake 9.2 and Redhat 9 onto a Toshiba Satellite 2400-s201 laptop w/256MB RAM and the processor is 1.6 GHz.  I am trying to run it on Virtual PC that was downloaded from the Microsoft site.  Everything installs fine, except when it boots up, X-Windows never loads up and I get an error saying that there is "No Device".  This is due to Mandrake 9.2 and Redhat 9 not recogizing the Video Card and the monitor.  The video card device is a "S3 Graphics SuperSavage / IXC1179".  The monitor is a Toshiba Internal 1024x768 Panel Display. Will Debian experience this problem?
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> Probably, or worse. But I really don't know. I suspect however (but 
> don't know) that Virtual PC is not presenting an "S3 . . ." card to the 
> OS on top of VirtualPC but rather some "standard" video card. In other 
> words, VPC might present a "Bob's AGP Card" on a Toshiba with an S3, , 
> and it'll present a "Bob's AGP Card" on a Compaq with an ATI. So instead 
> of setting up Linux for an S3 or for an ATI, you'd need to set it up for 
> a "Bob's AGP Card".
> -- 
> Kent

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