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Re: Maildir with uw-imapd

Shane Hickey wrote:
Hey all,

First off, I am a fairly experienced unix/linux user, and want to say
that I switched from RedHat to Debian after "security update rpm hell",
and Debian has more than impressed.  From start to finish this is the
BEST linux I've seen.

Ok, now to my question.  I can't seem to find anywhere in the docs how
to change uw-imapd to deliver to ~/Maildir.  It's delivering mail just
fine at this point to ~/mbox, but I'm accessing my mail from multiple
clients, and if I leave a client open, I get mailbox locking problems.

Thanks in advance for the help.

First off, please don't screw up the threading. I.e., if you have a new subject to discuss, just compose a new message and send it to the list, rather than responding to another message and changing the subject line.

As far as your problem, this is what I found in the documentation:

From /usr/share/doc/uw-imapd-ssl/README.Debian.gz:

5. mbox driver

This package has the mbox driver enabled which means that if there is a file in
your $HOME directory called mbox it will be treated as your inbox
and all mail in your system inbox (/var/mail/<your login>) will
immediately be transfered there on access.

My guess is that the mere existence of ~/mbox causes uw-imap to use it. If you remove the mbox file, it won't use it anymore. I run uw-imap for my users in a lab at school and all mail ends up in ~/mail/. That appears to be the default for uw-imap.

Hope this helps,


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