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Re: Bad Ethernet card?

BruceG wrote:

  The card is an ISA bus card, I believe it is a Linksys Ether16 Combo
(the person that donated it to the church I setting this up for stated it
was a Linksys card). I did a "modprobe ne io=0x240 irq=10" and the card
inserted properly. I tried a dozen or so combinations before that to get to
the right io/irq combination.

Hmmm - maybe not a Linksys Ether16 Combo. I downloaded the installation program from Linksys and booted from a Windows rescue disk. Ran the utility from the Linksys drivers disk. The utility did not find an Ether16 family card in the PC. Maybe the card is even (urgh) older. The NE drivers do seem to insert properly and I get no errors, so it's a step in the right direction.

You might try "pnpdump" from the "isapnp" package (I think); it might give you a clue as to the name and settings of the card. (I _hated_ dealing with PnP ISA cards; I hope I never have to deal with one again. I never did quite understand how the "isapnp" setup worked.)

I would think that if it were a Linksys Ether16 Combo it'd be labeled as such somewhere on the card. It's usually just the no-name cards (and USR modems) that tend to want to be anonymous.


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