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Bad Ethernet card?

Hey all, 

   I am trying to set up a basic print server, using an ancient PC. PC is 100Mhz Pentium, 16 Meg memory and 1 Gig disk drive. Way old stuff. So I did a Debian Woody install, no X, no desktop, - the only option I selected was Print Server. The install went okay, but I am having trouble bringing the Ethernet card up.

   The card is an ISA bus card, I believe it is a Linksys Ether16 Combo (the person that donated it to the church I setting this up for stated it was a Linksys card). I did a "modprobe ne io=0x240 irq=10" and the card inserted properly. I tried a dozen or so combinations before that to get to the right io/irq combination.

   The link card comes on on the card. It also comes on on my hub. But when I do a "ifconfig eth0" I don't see any received packets, and only see errored transmit packets. 

   The IP is with a gateway. DNS servers are configured. Eth0 is up. From the console I can ping my loopback address of I can also ping my own IP address of I can not ping the gateway. I can not ping any other PC's on the same hub. Other PCs on the network can not ping

   The card is a combo card with a BNC connector and an 10BaseT connector. I can plug into the 10BaseT port and the light goes green - so am I safe in assuming the card is configured to use the RJ45 connector versus the BNC connector? Anyone familiar with this card and know how to check? 

Regards, Bruce

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