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Re: How do I run a program as it's owner?


Dan Anderson (<dan@mathjunkies.com>) wrote:

> I know there is some way to allow a program to run with permissions of
> it's owner (i.e. root) but I forget how to do this.  What am I
> forgetting?

Use chmod u+s or chmod g+s to make programs run with permissions of
their owner/group. But don't forget that in some cases doing this may
be a security risk.

> Also, if I create a crontab file, will all programs run as nobody or
> with the permissions of the owner?  And is it possible to see whether
> or not a crontab entry was successful by viewing a log of some kind?

In the systemwide crontab file /etc/crontab, the user is specified for
each entry. If you use per-user crontabs (e.g. with crontab -e),
programs are run with the permission of the user the crontab file
belongs to.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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