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Re: Ximian Connector and Sid


If the sysadmins aren't complete morons, you could kindly ask them to
switch on IMAP support on their Exchange Server. It is just a simple
switch somehwere and shouldn't be much work.

At my office they kindly did this for me, after some debate ;).

Good luck!


P.S. some MCSE sysadmins are rather scared-off if you tell them you need
it for Linux... (Somehow I see the face of Stef from Userfriendly when
they try to get him to use Linux ;)) They will refuse to do it, because
"they don't support Linux" blahblahblah.... If you are in an IT company,
just make up something like "I need it for my software development
project". Helps sometimes ;)

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 19:15, Chad Waters wrote:
> I just transferred divisions within my company and as a result, I'm being forced onto
> the corporate exchange server (as opposed to the former division's "rogue" sendmail).  
> I'll only have access to MAPI and OWA. There's no IMAP, POP, etc. 
> According to Ximian, they don't support Debian Unstable. Has anyone got Ximian Connector
> working on Sid to the contrary. 
> Any working fix will be fine... Downgrading evolution, etc to stable is acceptable, but 
> not prefered.
> Thanks.
> -C

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