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Re: backup to dvd of apple files

Rudy Gevaert wrote:


I have recently inherited a (voluntary) sysadminjob.

We have a fileserver where Macs and Windows clients can connect to.

On the fileserver I use netatalk and samba.

I have about 10 gig of data on it and I want to dump that data to a
DVD.  I have found someone who has a DVD burner so I only have to make
a couple of images.

The problem is I do not know how to handle the files from the Mac.
They do not have an extension.
When the DVD is burned the files made on apple machines must be again
readable on a apple machine.  The files made on a Windows computer
must be readable on a Windows machine.

I tried to make an image of a couple of directories with mkisofs -r -J
but it shortened a lot of filenames.  Many, but many file names are
very long and have much of spaces.

So my question is: what is the best way to make my image so I do not
loose the long filenames and the DVD is readable in the Macs and
Windows computers.

Thanks in advance,

Even getting the right mkisofs commands may not be enough. Unless your local server filesystem is HFS (Apple's), netatalk has made some .AppleDouble directories to hold the resource fork of the Mac files. Even if you were to mkisofs using a translation table, rock ridge extensions, Joilet and HFS I don't believe that that you will get valid Mac files.

I have always pulled the files back off of my linux server to a Mac, created an ISO of the files and then burned from wherever. You may find that it is easiest if you burned or at least mastered all the files from a Mac.

Hopefully someone else can share more encouraging information and steps on how to master a Mac/Win compatable ISO from a netatalk share's data. I'll definatly take note of the procedure if they do. Maybe the key is in how OSX handles files, what file system they use and how tools like tar have been modified to handle Mac files that have resource forks.


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