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Re: Took 2 days for my message to post!?!

On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 11:01:53 -0700, Vineet Kumar <vineet@doorstop.net> penned:
> * Monique Y. Herman (spam@bounceswoosh.org) [030927 08:15]:
>> The unfortunate result is that it doesn't seem worth it to respond to
>> questions, since *someone* will surely respond before my messages get
>> through.
> Well that's no good ... if everyone thinks like that, nobody will get
> any help.  If everyone thinks just the opposite, the worst that happens
> is the each question gets "too much" help.  You might also, as a
> temporary measure (although since the list is now catching up, this
> probably doesn't apply anymore) include a CC to a poster of a
> particularly "urgent" question, if you explain that you're doing so only
> because the list seems particularly ... uh, "inertial," at the moment,
> and you wanted to get the answer to them quickly, even though the
> general rule is CCs only when explicitly requested.
> Of course, you might not want to do that at all, since there are some people
> for whom sending a duplicate email is a crime worth going "Keyser Soze"
> on your family.
You're absolutely right that an attitude of "someone else will take care
of it sooner" is no good.  My only defense is that I thought that my
emails weren't getting through *at all*, which made posting seem
completely pointless.

The cc is a good thought -- I did email the German who posted earlier
directly -- but a lot of people use throw-away email addresses for
usenet/mailing lists and don't bother to check 'em.

In any event, all seems well now and my posts are coming through quite


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